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2023 Municipal Election Platform

The United Community Party is focused on addressing local issues with a moderate and measured approached. With the Party's guiding principles in the Unite Community Party will run it's six candidates on the following platform:

Focus on Community

Support public safety through funding police, fire, public health, and emergency services.

Promote programs for Seniors to allow the option to age in place, tax stabilization, affordable housing, and a focus on health and wellbeing.

Foster and promote involvement in organizations, government, and community service.

Concentrate on projects and programs to expand activities for residents of all ages.

Govern with an emphasis on listening to residents and businesses to meet their needs through collaboration and cooperation.

Advocate for Land Preservation

Preserve and expand open space properties.

Push for more land conservation to protect our rural character.

Understand the needs of farmers, their future in South Windsor, how the Town can assist them, and protect their land from development.

Support  Education

Support the Board of Education and its Strategic Plan

Endorse student safety by funding safety officers in our schools.

Identify ways to let student voices be heard.

Break Away from Politics

Break away from two-party governance and encourage non-partisan leadership.

Consider the cause and effect of decisions and the impact on South Windsor as a whole.

Listen to residents and business owners considering their government needs.

Control Spending

Identify and implement budgetary reductions through improved governmental efficiencies.

Build an effective Capital Project budget to support infrastructure.

Work closely with our State Representative and State Senator to obtain more funding for South Windsor needs.

Listen to the Residents

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